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If you want to have a more steady and reliable income, you better work for a normal school where you get a contract and a solid weekly schedule, but this doesn’t give you the freedom of working when and where you want. If you want people to work for you, then I believe that by starting off slow as a teacher online then building a solid platform for your profile to continue to build on the business to make it into an online teaching agency and employ lots of online teachers you will be better off. Your agency or online business can take a cut from your online students learning fees from where you can also pay your teachers what they deserve. If you take small cuts from the overall price of each lesson and pay your teachers that extra your teachers will grow with your business and stay with you for longer.

I want you to decide what’s right for your future and not lose out to the internet’s mass of failures. My training will cover more about building a recruitment agency and online teaching platform, blog or landing page that will work. My first ever commitment to travelling and working abroad as a teacher and life as a full-time traveller was a big decision. I had simply had enough of the mundane normal 9-5 job at home and decided to leave and make a new life. Another advantage of online teaching is there is no red tape involved unless a degree is needed but that will be the work of your teachers to finalize and show and prove they have one but that's your decision in making a degree mandatory or not. Classroom teaching abroad is becoming far tougher with new laws and government regulations especially in countries such as China.

In summary, what the new China Z visa requirements entail for new and existing British teachers in China is access to your degree and TEFL certificates, Getting a criminal record check, processing time of at least two weeks (add a month if you need a duplicate certificate from your university) At least £150 in fees (based on one degree certificate, one TEFL certificate, and a criminal record check). The list goes on with more and more obstacles been placed on classroom teachers in the future hence not many will be making the choice to move to China because of the mentioned red tape unless the waiting game isn't against the time the teacher is willing to give to be able to make the move. 

If you want to own a recruitment business, your teacher's future depends on your drive for more classes with more students to teach with extra promotions for online courses around the world to sell as a teaching course. You may want to open an advertising campaign for finding teachers to join your business and to temp them as part of your business. They'll need as much as your willing to give them with your professionalism needed to make your business work. I'm always giving away materials to customers of my Opt-Ins because it gives me great pleasure helping people become someone that can have the freedom to work from home or abroad when on their travels. I have an eBook I want you to read that mentions lots about the motivational side of creating and running an online teaching business or recruitment agency. You can find that here from my opt-In with lots more material to read that could channel you in the right direction.


Don't be recruited it's time to recruit and be an owner of your own business.

If your interested download my eBook and presentation with lots more added content to get you motivated with owning your own business for online teaching and agency if you want to expand your business starting with something as little as a landing page, an automated email system and and an online store for your courses or online teaching material no matter which level you want to teach at, subject or theme.

RecruitmentDrive your business forward with my training. The direction of your online teaching business, recruitment or agency means you are going to need someone that shares your passion, believes you can achieve and help you become creative with new ideas that will help shape why your online business will become successful and different to the businesses already out there. Working alone isn't the best solution so share ideas or at least have a connection with people that share the same or similar dream of success. Start your own Facebook Group, build teams and run live webinars. I'm going to be driving my training forward with live webinars so please don't forget to join my members only Facebook Group for like-minded future entrepreneurs that are dreaming of success and searching for wisdom. Your future is to create exactly what you love, enjoy, are proud of and always dreamed of making a business out of it.

All schools, colleges and universities distribute lesson content everyday but then again so do web publishers, writers and course content builders for language learning. In fact, you can have your course content written for you to fit your niche to start teaching, building your agency and online environment, earning money as soon as you are prepared to make that decision to teach for your own business or recruit others to do it for you. Write down on a whiteboard or piece of paper where you expect to be in three years’ time or this time next year with your life and business and never stop writing notes to improve and implement new money-making ideas.

Don’t hold back on wanting for wealth because it’s normal to want for something you have worked hard for like a new car, a house with great big gates and a drive to fit more than ten cars on. A swimming pool in your back garden. Dream and think big and don’t worry about wanting for too much in life because this is your time to find a place in your life where your dreams will come true if you stick with the plan and the training, I’m going to give you. I’m going to be growing with you to because this is something, I’ve always wanted to teach others the beauty of success and finding it.

Don't stress - Don’t become a workaholic 

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Now you have some ideas for motivation it's time to move on to the next step in finding a level to work at without getting stressed, tired or even worse bored. You don't want to be spending 24 hours a day around the clock working online. Remember most of your business needs can be completed as a full business in no time. Remember your health is more important when building a business, something I understand after a car crash in 2017 caused from tiredness. Even large amounts of money can't solve our health problems sometimes and it's up to us to take care of ourselves and our teams every day. It's better to complete a task and have it taken longer than destroying your health which in honesty can leave you with no business at all.

The fact that you can work from anywhere will be your motivation so don't burn out to soon. Are your original plans to travel around the world or work from the comfort of your own home realistic? If not it's all about patience from where you can limit and control your time. Control the time to work and the time you have for fun, also the time for sleep. You will learn 100% more from true vision for your online teaching business if you stick with a healthy plan.

You'll be motivated with a fierce competitive edge to be the best in what you do. Eventually you will set the standards for what is achievable, what your students pay for each lesson and what online teachers can earn. Essentially set the bar for results to motivate and encourage your teams on how much money they can earn. Personally, If I were you, I would be extremely overwhelmed with excitement knowing that you could be the driving force for people to travel and work abroad with financial freedom from a business you own that could achieve so much for them. Belief in such freedom to work and travel around the world is a powerful thing, and the pursuit of a belief is to manifest it into reality. To pursue something implies that it already exists. Which means your choice to pursue is the creation of the dream you are grasping for. Pursuing your dreams means rejecting the claim that something is impossible. Dream of Success & Search for Wisdom

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