Setting Up the Foundations of your Business

Long-term business success is not coincidental or based on luck. It is a product of effort, planning and strategy. Proper planning is necessary for gaining a sense of direction in securing funds. Use resources at your fingertips by building a small business around the skills you already have at hand to sell a service or product that people need rather than want. Think about a free subscription (Opt-In) which with a little advertising can become a need of information to learn from for your customers. However, creation of too much information content can be a waste of time if you’re not careful. My training will cover the Five-Offer Funnel to make sure your business is marketed correctly and you’re not wasting valuable time with too much material when the object is to get started as quick as possible with little but great content.

If you’re thinking about a business to have lots of videos and eBooks to get customers started with an online business, make sure your system is working beforehand and that your online payment system is structured 100% correctly and your automated email system is working in order of emails that go out for your marketing to succeed. I know that my personal work with eBooks for customers is important because I want to motivate and connect with customers by creating my Opt-In for free which is part of the foundations of my business, to launch the whole business starting with a free opt-in so that I can offer much more later after the Opt-In. The next step for offer after the Opt-In is called the Micro-Offer which is the second offer of the Five Offer Funnel Marketing strategy and is based around getting some money back from advertising you may already have spent from your Opt-In adverts. More about that later……

I always ask customers to navigate to my shopping cart via landing pages to download the Opt-In where no payments are needed because it’s the foundation of my business at the start of the marketing process in a system that works. It’s something I needed to do business wise, to disable payment options for credit cards in PayPal and let customer just place email addresses into the cart payments and then download the Opt-In for free so customers can grab the training and get started just like you have.

As mentioned above, your other option is when you have decided on your business content and product or training information for customers you may want to advertise it with a landing page which is easy and takes a couple of hours to reach perfection with as little as an subscription form and a little about what your selling and then hitting the live button and placing a few Facebook ads out to get opt-ins as fast as possible via your landing page to your niche audience that could be your customers if your send out a good Facebook ad. You can also build your foundations by tapping into information online about starting a business for no money or little and follow a path that you can afford even if it’s a struggle to begin with. After a few sales you will soon be able to invest more into your business so remember its always possible to source information about starting a business for online for free. You can think about cheap deals such as Mailchimp for your email campaigns and landing pages and Big Commerce for your shopping cart both with excellent live chat for customer support and both start at a reasonable affordable price from beginner to advanced.

You can source any equipment you may need from a friend or family members such as web cams, microphone and software that might be needed. Do virtually all the work yourself and be independent to learn, implement and complete your business. Read as much as you can about starting a business and making money. Think about a website as a starter website to enter your product content into until you have links to add, pictures or any other content that you need to explain and deliver your niche online business and learn how to grow each and every day. As my businesses grow, my technique to learn is to study my niche and read as many books about marketing and online business creation as I can. These days it’s much cheaper with Amazon to find second-hand books at an affordable price, even new books are cheaper than they were before Amazon.

Of course, having people to work with is great and there will be plenty of time when you start your Facebook community to reach out for more people to join in with your success and learn from you. That’s right you can become an online mentor too. You can become your customer’s mentor and charge them for training when your foundations and businesses are all completed. You can build a rapport with people in your Facebook group and even advertise to them, offering training and you could even design a competition such as a free eBook for your members that help your community in its activity and offer advice to members that get lot’s more members into the community and starts a great team for learning and marketing and all that comes with a positive attitude to learning about business creation online.

Think about the foundations I have built by implementing a competition for a free online shopping cart and a teacher recruitment website for the best Facebook member who continuously posts good material, advice and information about learning and shows positivity in being a part of a community that searches for entrepreneurship. Remember that hard work is the best method to stay ahead of the game when building the foundations of your business as much as you can with the basics of reading as many books as time allows you. I’ll mention the books I want you to read in my Facebook group so if you’re not a member yet please think about joining as soon as possible to get more free training but please think about the books that I will show you to read and get ahead of the game as soon as you can.

The foundations I built for my business began by implementing a travel blog and a true life read about my travels to South East Asia and how I managed to work in marketing in Sydney, Australia and how I managed to travel to over 80 cities and 33 countries worldwide over the years. I’ve worked on several other online businesses that I’ll share with you in the Facebook group. Think about the basics of what you need to start your business such as your niche, time, effort and knowledge of building a business. When you’re working on your business think about praising yourself for the good work you’re doing. When your foundations are implemented show your friends and family and share your story with others that you think may like to learn or listen about what you’re up to.

Take time off when you’re tired and begin working again when you’re feeling motivated but above all never give up. I know many people that gave up some years ago and now have nothing so stay motivated because it can take more than two or three attempts before you make any money. Of course, my business is to make sure you get it right on the first attempt.

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